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As you drive your boat from the shelter of your home, through the highway and into the lake, its safety will hinge on a large part on the reliability of your boat trailer parts. For this reason, you should always see to it that you get your hauling equipment inspected and tested for safety and the necessary repairs. For one, an article in the Practical Fishing Tips blog recommends checking up on the drum brakes.


“What’s towing it?

Make sure that your towing vehicle is compatible with the specs of the trailer. The last thing you want is your underpowered vehicle being dragged downhill by your stuff. Towing vehicles should also be attached properly with the proper hitches. Ideally, the trailer should be as wide as the vehicle pulling it, and not much taller (to avoid wind resistance).

Protect your investment

This means making room in your garage, or creating a shelter for your trailer. Exposure to elements will warp wood panels and rust wheel bearings. Although quality utility trailer kits are available for parts replacement, it’s better to protect your initial investment for the longest possible time.”

“The weather is perfect to plan a day at the lake with the family. You’re raring to load your gear and hitch the boat trailer when you realize you’ve overlooked one very important thing: your boat trailer. Proper maintenance doesn’t require much time– only some effort and a short visit to a well-stocked trailer parts store. In an article for AutoHub360, writer Curtis Carper gives invaluable advice on how to prepare for a safe trip with your boat in tow.

Preparation is key

Your recreation equipment has been sitting in storage since last summer. It would be prudent to wax that surfboard, gas up the boat’s outboard motor, check your inflatables for punctures, etc. Your boat trailer and the parts that keep it running, like its sturdy trailer wheel bearings, shouldn’t be an exception. Stores like Champion Trailers carry everything you need for repairs and maintenance.”

“An EOH set up allows you to install electric trailer brakes that can handle more powerful surges of brake fluid. Drum brakes are able to withstand up to 1,000 pounds per square inch (psi) while disc brakes handle up to 1,500 psi. Take note that your brakes seller will recommend interlinking the brakes to EOH systems if the boat to be towed is over 3,500 pounds.

It will be to your benefit (and safety) if your tow-vehicle and its trailer can stop whenever you need it to. Companies like Champion Trailers will help you make it happen.”

If you’re looking to buy new utility trailer parts, make sure that you’re getting them from reliable sources, and always have the parts relating to safety replaced first.

Throughout the drive to the lake or river, or wherever you choose to dip your boat into, make sure to keep adjusting the trailer coupler, bow safety chain, trailer-lights plug, trailer safety chains, bow-winch strap, and transom straps. Take note of any part that you might think is faulty and be sure to have them replaced.

For optimum safety, everything from your boat trailer’s bearings to the trusty trailer wheel hubs should be in good working condition. Always remember the importance of maintaining your equipment before you leave for a long tow.

“If you crave going for the outdoors in an ATV but want to bring it to your destination in one piece, you may tap companies like Champion Trailers LLC to hook up your utility trailer with parts to enable ATV transport capabilities. The first thing to do is to remember how many ATVs you have and want to transport at any time, which will determine the size of the utility trailer you need. Determining full weight and space will be critical, especially when you have to factor the number of ATVs and the trailer systems, such as the brakes.

A utility trailer does allow for customizations to be made, especially when configuring it as an ATV transport rig. Companies like Champion Trailers, in particular, can be consulted about modifications to the trailer to help reduce the hassle of planning the upgrade from top to bottom, such as adding folding ramps to either the back or sides. Your parts seller may recommend stripping the trailer of stock parts and locking in one of several full utility