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Whether it’s a trailer to haul your boat or some cargo, one of the most important trailer parts you have to pay special attention to are the brakes. Being able to properly stop your trailer is integral to your safety. When you’re towing a trailer, you’re usually pulling on thousands of pounds; you wouldn’t want all that weight to keep on moving forward when you step on your brakes. Depending on your towing vehicle’s brakes alone will not be enough to stop your trailer; having functional brakes on your trailer will greatly help in slowing down your vehicle.

Trailer brakes are typically classified into two: electric types and surge types. Basic electric trailer brakes are activated by either a connection to your towing vehicle’s brake pedal or an on-board switch on your trailer that’s activated by the inertia of your slowing down. Once activated, an electric current magnetizes your braking system, the strength of which is dependent on how fast you are decelerating.


“Without brakes on the trailer, the load is free to move anywhere it wishes unless something acts upon it. This exemplifies the Law of Inertia, popularly known as Newton’s First Law of Motion. In terms of towing, that something will be the tow vehicle. As mentioned in the story earlier, this is clearly a recipe for disaster.

Good electric trailer brakes exert its own force to counteract the force generated by stopping. Fifth-wheel trailers often use this system due to their weight. However, boat trailers can also put this system to use, especially for larger, heavier vessels. Coupled with safe driving practices, supplementary brakes from dealers like Champion Trailers can be a lifesaver on the road.”