Maintenance Tips for Boat Trailers

Posted: December 4, 2014 in Boats, Parts and Accessories, Shopping, Trailers, Vehicles
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As with any other transport equipment, boat trailers are also susceptible to the wear and tear that comes with regular use. The most common problems in boat trailers include wheel bearing failures, flat tires, axle and suspension problems, and tongue/coupling trouble, which could be avoided with the right maintenance.

Check the wheel bearings regularly – This is where all those spare trailer wheel hubs should come into play. Wheel bearings on boat trailers are highly susceptible to corrosion because they’re often immersed in water—more so in saltwater. It’s important to keep them lubricated to ensure they’re protected and in good working order.

Keep nuts and bolts tight – Loose nuts and bolts could lead to mishaps ten times out of ten. All the nuts and bolts keeping the entire trailer together must be kept secure at all times to avoid any untoward incident, especially while on the road.

Inspect the tires – Under-inflated tires are prone to premature wear, and are inefficient. Aside from less efficiency, one would also have to contend with lower gas mileage. Trailer tires are also bound to fail due to oxidation, so it is recommended that they be replaced every 3-5 years even if they still look fine to the naked eye.

Check for undercarriage issues – Problems on axles, suspension, and tongue/coupling are primarily caused by overloading. It’s best to keep the load as light as possible, or within the capacity of the trailer.


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