How to Install Your New Boat Trailer Bearings

Posted: October 16, 2014 in Boats, Parts and Accessories, Shopping, Trailers, Vehicles
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Your boat trailer’s wheel bearings play a huge role in ensuring your safety and getting your boat out of the garage and into the lake in one piece. As such, once they start rattling or screeching on the road, you know it time to have them replaced with new boat trailer bearings; assuming you know how to install them, of course.

First, you must remove the hub assembly by taking off the dust cap, cotter pin, adjusting nut, and washers, without letting the outer bearing drop out. Second, you must remove the old bearing (using a hammer) and the old grease (using a cleaning solvent) before inspecting the hub and spindle for any defects (as a precaution).

Once you’re sure that these parts are in good condition, fill the hub with new grease; taking extra care that the grease reaches under the cage as well. Last but not the least, insert the bearings into the hub (with the smallest side facing your direction), before reinserting the whole thing into the spindle. Reinstall the cup and the wheel afterwards to give your trailer a spin and see if it can tow without trouble.

While replacing wheel bearings is quite simple, see to it that your trailer doesn’t haul more than it could carry. The extra weight will put unwanted strain to even the strongest of wheel bearings, prompting you to replace them more often than you need to.


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