How Utility Trailers Improve your ATVs

Posted: August 6, 2014 in Boats, Parts and Accessories, Shopping, Trailers, Vehicles
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Using a utility trailer to haul your ATV should be one of the best ways to transport it and maintain its condition at the same time. This makes sense, seeing as many people are already using utility trailers for motorcycles for pretty much the same reasons.

Even loyal Louisiana residents will find good use for an ATV, whether in suburban environments or deep in the country. Title 32 of the Louisiana Statutes mandates title and registering of all ATVs except those purely used for farming purposes. Shoulders on public roads and highways (except interstate highways) are fair game for ATV runners but they cannot be operated on state parks.

The first thing to do is to remember how many ATVs you have and want to transport at any time, which will determine the size of the utility trailer you need. Determining full weight and space will be critical, especially when you have to factor the number of ATVs and the trailer systems, such as the brakes.


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