Trailer Brakes keep your Boat from Turning Deadly

Posted: July 23, 2014 in Boats, Parts and Accessories, Shopping, Trailers, Vehicles
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Many highway accidents show that unless you’re careful, the boat you’re lugging along in your trailer could turn into a dangerous projectile and potentially jack-knife your own vehicle.

Experts reiterate the importance of having good brakes on trailers. While similar incidents would be relatively rare in any part of the world─ including the US─ such an example simply shows the implications of not having the right trailer parts for the job.

Electric brake systems help reduce the likelihood of a boat jack-knifing through the rear of the car. They hit the brakes around the same time the driver hits the car’s brakes, allowing the two vehicles to stop simultaneously. Integrated electric brakes are commonplace in pickup trucks 2005 and onwards, notably in Ford and Dodge.

Without brakes on the trailer, the load is free to move anywhere it wishes unless something acts upon it. This exemplifies the Law of Inertia. In terms of towing, that something will be the tow vehicle. As mentioned in the story earlier, this is clearly a recipe for disaster.

Good electric trailer brakes exert their own force to counteract the force generated by stopping. Fifth-wheel trailers often use this system due to their weight. However, boat trailers can also put this system to use, especially for larger, heavier vessels. Coupled with safe driving practices, supplementary brakes from dealers can be a lifesaver on the road.


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