Basic Facts about Using Boat Trailer Axles

Posted: July 16, 2014 in Boats, Parts and Accessories, Shopping, Trailers, Vehicles
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Being a boating enthusiast living miles away from any sort of shore can be a pain, what with the loading and the hauling you’ll have to do before you can enjoy a nice day out on a lake or the sea. Nonetheless, you should know how to operate, load and troubleshoot your boat trailer and its axles if you want to make sure that your vessel survives the long drive.

Proper trailer axle care

One of the most debilitating problems of boat transportation is trailer axle failure, as it can present you with an on-the-scene repair challenge. To prevent this type of problem, it’s important that you have your boat trailer axles checked annually. This means taking your trailer to a mechanic who will inspect the axle, repack the bearings, replace any worn parts, or replace the entire axle assembly if need be.

What to do in case of axle failure

If you experience trailer axle failure on the road, pull over at a safe place that’s as far from the highway as possible. If you can, take your trailer to a mechanic. If not, contact roadside assistance or a towing company for the needed services.

Should any of your trailer axles need replacing, reputable online sellers are your best resource. With their large inventory, they are sure to have the axle— along with any other specific boat trailer parts you may need— in stock.


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