Buying Tires from a Trailer Parts Store

Posted: July 8, 2014 in Boats, Parts and Accessories, Shopping, Trailers, Uncategorized, Vehicles
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One of the biggest misconceptions about boat trailer tires is that they can easily be replaced with any set of car tires. This notion is wrong because trailer tires are primarily made to carry weight, rather than just provide traction to the trailer’s wheels. Thus, those looking for trailer tires should go to a trailer parts store to ensure they’re getting the right product.

To be absolutely certain that what they’re buying are boat trailer tires, buyers only have to look for the “ST” (i.e. special trailer) mark. Additionally, in shopping for trailer tires, it will help to understand a tire’s labels. The first set of numbers on the sidewall denotes the size of the tire (usually in metric form). The second set refers to the load and speed rating.

Even then, trailer tires still come in many types, so it’s important for buyers to also consider their driving habits and the road conditions they usually drive in. If they’re driving over short distances, buyers would best pick bias ply tires. Unfortunately, these tires aren’t suitable for driving on harsh terrains, which is where the more expensive radial tires are excellently suited. Radial tires are also the best choice for long-distance driving.


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