Spread Tandem: Boat Trailer Parts for Effective Weight Distribution

Posted: April 2, 2014 in Uncategorized
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“Quality boat trailer axles work relatively the same way; they find stability in numbers. The more axles installed, the less load one axle has to endure throughout the length of the trip. To do this, your boat trailer needs to allow a spread tandem system that puts the axles almost equidistant from each other. Before that, however, here’s a review of how spread tandem axles work.

Stability in Numbers

Widely used in the trucking industry, a spread tandem system features at least two axles that allow better weight distribution. In simple terms, this means that one axle doesn’t have to bear the full weight of the cargo. Spreading the axles far enough also contributes to the distribution; two axles too close together may succumb under the sheer, concentrated weight.”


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