All About Utility Trailers and Utility Trailer Parts

Posted: March 10, 2014 in Boats, Parts and Accessories, Shopping, Trailers, Uncategorized, Vehicles
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The term “utility trailer” has a broad meaning. It can refer to any unpowered vehicle used for hauling that has an axle and a frame, and can be towed by a car or truck. In some states, it is defined by code as any trailer, other than a recreational vehicle or commercial vehicle.

Utility Trailers can be the open type and have a single axle with two wheels, or two axles with four or more wheels to support heavier loads. They can also be enclosed. Most types will be connected to the powered vehicle by a hitch.

The exception is the semi-trailer, which is a large trailer with no front axle that is attached to a truck called a 5th wheel. That is the truck that you see every day, called a semi-trailer-truck or tractor-trailer, hauling goods down the highway.

However, no matter what kind of trailer it is, in the US, all trailers need to have brake lights and a license plate. It is not necessary for the trailer, under certain weights, to have brakes of its own, but it must have brake lights to let other drivers know that vehicle towing the trailer is stopping.

While a utility trailer seems like a simple vehicle, there are actually many parts to them and accessories available. In addition to axels and wheels, utility trailer parts include the frame, springs and suspension, lights, couplers, and hitches. Electric brakes can be added and many other parts such as strapping and tie down accessories are available.


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