Building Your Own Utility Trailer

Posted: December 7, 2013 in Boats, Parts and Accessories, Shopping, Trailers, Vehicles
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For most people, pick-up trucks are not that practical. Why need their cargo space when you can put your things in a trunk or in the back of an SUV? However, there might come a time when you need to transport large equipment and that space will just be what you need. When this happens and you already own another type of vehicle, building your own utility trailer is the solution.


Determine the dimensions and weight of your equipment so you can make sure that the trailer will be able to accommodate the cargo. This will allow you to gauge the size of your frame so you can keep your cargo secure.


Trailer kits are available on the market to supply you with everything you need to complete your trailer, such as axles and hubs. Kits usually don’t include the frame or bed material and the tires, so you might need to buy these separately.


To protect your equipment and your car, you can add trailer parts that promote safe transport. The breakaway kit is just one of the many components that help prevent any accidents from happening. Installing a ramp is also highly recommended so you can easily put your cargo on the trailer, especially if it has wheels.


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