Different Parts of Boats and Boat Trailers

Posted: November 27, 2013 in Boats, Parts and Accessories, Shopping, Trailers, Vehicles
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Those who are new to boating will undoubtedly feel daunted by all the unfamiliar jargon. Boats, and the boat trailers that support and transport them, have different parts, many of which have specific names. First of all, there is the hull and bow of the boat. The hull is the main body of the boat, while the bow is the front of the boat. There should be a section in the bow that allows you to secure a rope or line. The correct term for ropes among boaters is “bow line”.

Boaters use trailer winches to launch boats back into their trailers or into the water. Boats are launched into trailers using inclined launching ramps. There are two main types of trailer winches: manual winches and electric winches. Hand-cranked manual winches allow boaters to manipulate relatively heavy boats, and a ratchet is used to hold the boat and prevent it from sliding back into the water.

Electric winches, on the other hand, use DC motors and are powered by the tow vehicle’s battery and electrical system. Some electrical winches use a pulley at the boat’s bow to double the pulling power of the winches. Specific boat trailer parts include trailer rollers and keel guides (which protect the bottom of boats when they’re being hauled or launched); trailer hubs and axles; trailer springs and parts; as well as trailer fenders (which come in plastic or galvanized steel).


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